Photo: Agnes Stadlmann


General Information, Education and Career

2019-present Professor for Austrian and European Legal History at the University of Vienna
2017-present Head of the Legal Sources Research Centre of the University of Vienna
2011-present Managing Director of the Hans Kelsen Institute (Federal Foundation)
2004-2014 Lecturer at the Pan-European University Bratislava
2003-2019 Associate Professor at the University of Vienna
2003 Habilitation in Austrian and European Legal History at the University of Vienna. Habilitation thesis: “The Development of Press Law in Austria up to 1918”
1992-2003 Assistant at the Institute of Legal History with Prof. Dr. Werner Ogris
1996-1998 Doctoral studies in law at the University of Vienna; dissertation: “The Introduction of Administrative Jurisdiction in Austria”, Ph.D. dissertation, accepted 30 October 1998

Study of law at the University of Vienna; graduated 21 December 1995


School in Vienna; school-leaving examination at Gymnasium Kundmanngasse 28 May 1991
1973 Born in Vienna as the son of the Professor of Education Prof. Dr. Richard Olechowski
Family Married; one daughter, two sons

Memberships and functions (selection)

since 2022  Member of the Reconciliation Advisory Council according to § 5 Aufhebungs- und Rehabilitationsgesetz (BMJ - Versöhnungsbeirat)
since 2013   Member of the Association for Constitutional History (Vereinigung für Verfassungsgeschichte)
since 2008 Member (2008-2013, corresponding member, since 2013, full member) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)
since 2003 Member, 2010-2012 and since 2014 Chairman of the Commission for Legal History of Austria (Kommission für Rechtsgeschichte Österreichs) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
since 1996 Member, 1997-2007, board member, 2003-2005 Chairman of the Association of Catholic Academics of the Archdiocese of Vienna (Katholischer Akademikerverband der Erzdiözese Wien)
since 1991Member, from 2003, repeated appointments to the board, during 2004-2005 president of the Society for Viennese Legal History (Wiener Rechtsgeschichtliche Gesellschaft)

Select Externally-Funded Projects

since 2023 Head of the FWF Project "The Making of the Federal Constitutional Law 1920" (International Project I 5679: Cooperation with DFG Project 471843206)
2017-2021 Research partner in the Austrian Science Fund project “The legal significance of the Treaty of St. Germain” (FWF grant no. P 29774)
2011-2015 Head of the Austrian Science Fund Project “Kelsen’s Life in America (1940-73) and the Worldwide Dissemination of his Theory of Law”  (FWF grant no. P 23747)
2009-2013 Head of the Austrian Science Fund Project “The Vienna Faculty of Law and Political Science 1918-1938” (FWF project, grant no. P 21280)
2006-2010Head of the Austrian Science Fund Project “Biographical Studies on Hans Kelsen in the Years 1881-1940” (FWF, grant no. P 19287)


  • 2021 Science Award of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation of the Austrian Parliament for Parliamentarism and Democracy
  • 1998 Alfons Tropper Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for research in the field of the Austrian rule of law